Q: Where does Courtney stand on Parental Rights?

​A: Courtney is an advocate for parental rights and family involvement.  As a parent, Courtney understands how important it is for parents and families to be included in their child's education. As a teacher, Courtney communicated with her student's parents on all platforms and saw how successful her students were when parents and families were involved in their education. As a School Board member, Courtney will respect parent rights and advocate for increased parental and family involvement via more family-friendly events such as Literacy Fairs, Open Houses, etc. 

Q: How does Courtney feel about Critical Race Theory?

​A: Critical Race Theory is a graduate-level topic, not a Florida state standard. Courtney does not support it in any Flagler Schools curricula.​ Courtney does support meaningful learning opportunities embedded with Florida state standards in all Flagler classrooms, including standards regarding the important historical topics that have shaped our country. It is important to provide educators with the resources and training necessary to effectively teach our nation's history so that we can align with Flagler School's mission statement of ensuring that "our students will grow to reach their full potential as responsible, ethical, and productive citizens in a diverse and changing world."

Q: Is Courtney a proponent of banning books?

​A: Courtney supports a diverse collection of age-appropriate media from authors of varying perspectives and backgrounds in all of Flagler's schools. She supports the district's new media policy that allows parents and families to choose what their child has access to. To learn more, visit:  https://www.flaglerschools.com/instructional/teaching_and_learning/media_services

Q: Does Courtney support the new legislation regarding not teaching K-3 students about sex?

A: As a former teacher, Courtney has never condoned the teaching of sex to students and is committed to following state legislation. Courtney understands that parental and family involvement is necessary and key to student success and believes that all schools should focus on the assigned curriculum and standards. It's also important to recognize and acknowledge all families and educators from all backgrounds and beliefs so they feel welcomed and supported.

Q: What are Courtney's thoughts on mask mandates?

A: Courtney advocated for mask mandates before vaccines became available for students. Now that vaccines are an available option for families, Courtney believes it should be up to each family to choose what works best for them and is dedicated to following and upholding the law. 

Q: What are Courtney's thoughts on vaccine mandates?

A: Courtney supports Florida's immunization requirements for schools, and understands that certain exemptions are needed for special circumstances.  While Courtney applauds state efforts to provide optional and no-cost flu immunizations to students, she also understands that influenza, pneumonia, and COVID are not required immunizations and does not advocate for mandates for those immunizations